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No. 3 in Edinstvo.

High-ranking police officer, Ph.D. in Law, author of a number of books on fighting organized crime.

Born on November 17, 1945 in Tambov region of Russia.  Since 1967 worked with the Russian police department (MVD), first as a general police officer.  Later, in 1970 moved to the Central Criminal Investigation Department.   Graduated from a Law Faculty in Moscow.  From 1974 till 1978 worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, latter in the Russian research institute of the same Ministry.

In 1988 wrote a series of publications on organized crime in Russia and became famous, in 1990 was elected deputy to the Parliament.

In 1991 he headed the State Department of Fighting Organized Crime.  Since 1998 he is the director of the Ministry of Defense Research Institute.

Alexander Gurov is married, has a son.