No. 1 in Edinstvo.

Minister of the Russian Federation on issues of Civil Defense, State Emergency and Crisis Situations, member of the National Security Council of the Russian Federation, holder of the title “Hero of Russia”, Ph.D. in Economics.

Sergey Shoigu was born on May 21, 1955 in Chadan, Tuva.  In 1977 he graduated from Krasnoyarsk Politechnik, worked on sites in state construction companies.  In 1990 he became Deputy President of the State Committee of USSR on architecture and construction and Head of the Russian State Rescuers team.  In 1994 headed the newly formed Ministry of Civil Defense, State Emergency and Crisis Situations of the Russian Federation.

Since then he has been at this position and managed to create quite a good national rescue system.

He has a rank of general major, lives in Moscow, married, has two daughters.